What i think about remote learning

I think remote learning is kind hard.  You don’t have the teacher there to help you.  You have to find things by yourself sometimes.  Sometimes I get really stressed.

Is hard because you don’t a teacher to help when you need it.  You can email you teacher but is not the same if you can talk to your teacher. sometimes you are going to find things by yourself and is easier if you have your teacher there with you.

Its hard to find things by yourself like assignments that you need to read. if this is your first meeting, you dont know how to get in the meeting or conferences.  if dont know how to do your assignments is going to be harder to do all your work.

Sometimes i get really stressed because if i have a question i can email my teacher but is going to take a long time her or him to answer. she or he get a lot of emails and on my first days in remote learning i used to get really stressed because I didn’t know how to my work or get in the meetings or conferences.  I didn’t have my teachers to ask them.